Coffee table books

Book design for coffee table books

Imagine how beautiful your artwork, photography, memoir, or corporate history will look when it’s printed and bound as a hardcover book with dust jacket. A coffee table book is a pleasure to browse.

We’re all familiar with coffee table books that showcase art and photography. But coffee table books are also perfect for:

  • special and limited editions, such as books celebrating an anniversary or another milestone
  • gifts as a “thank you” to donors or company staff
  • a treasured family keepsake with your family history, photos, bios, and stories
  • a professional marketing tool for your business.

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For The Love of Nature, a coffee table art book by Martin HollenbergFiona’s artistic sense was superb and each page was brought as close to perfection as possible.”

—Martin J. Hollenberg, author of For The Love of Nature, Dean Emeritus of Medicine at University of British Columbia, Canada