Book printers (POD)

Print on demand (POD) book printingPrint-on-demand (POD) is a publishing model whereby books are printed after they are purchased online, and the cost of the printing and shipping is paid by the reader. The digital files for your book’s cover and pages are uploaded to a POD company, where they await an order for your book. When a book is ordered, the POD company prints the book and ships it to your reader.

POD is used by authors for a number of reasons:

  • You don’t have to pay to print and ship your books (each book is printed and shipped only after it’s ordered and paid for by your reader)
  • Fulfillment is done for you (the price of your book plus shipping is collected, and the book is packaged and shipped directly to your reader)
  • You don’t have to store boxes of books

Many of my authors use the POD companies below, and you’ll find lots more online. This list is for your convenience, and no referral fees or commissions are charged or collected.

Createspace is an Amazon company, offering full services including printing, distribution, and marketing.

IngramSpark offers POD printing and eBook distribution for authors.

Lightning Source is affiliated with Ingrams and offers color POD as well as reasonable prices for offset printing.