Book printers (digital)

Digital printing, short run printingAre you planning to print between 50 and 1,000 books? Print runs of less than 1,000 books are considered short-run printing, and are usually printed digitally on a high-end laser printer using toner rather than on a printing press using ink. With today’s technology, it’s difficult for readers to tell whether a book is printed digitally or on a printing press.

Nowadays, many authors prefer to have a small inventory of digitally printed books on hand to sell themselves, as well as offering print and electronic books for sale online.

You’ll see that many of the printers listed below offer additional services to authors such as editing, design, distribution, and marketing. However, if you simply want your book printed, then there is no obligation to receive all the other services offered.

I recommend all of the printers below. Feel free to contact them directly. They’re listed here for your convenience, and no referral fees or commissions are charged or collected.

Adibooks Offers one stop book printing along with resources and guidance for first time authors, seasoned pros as well as book publishers, including Online Instant Quotes. Affiliated with King Printing.

Blitzprint Blitzprint is based in Alberta, Canada and specializes in short-run printing. They also offer add-on services to authors, such as distribution, fulfillment, and marketing.

Bookmasters Bookmasters offers short run printing (minimum 100 copies) plus a variety of services including storage and fulfillment, marketing and an online bookstore.

BookMobile Bookmobile offers digital printing for trade paperbacks, hardcover books and full-color illustrated books.

Edition One Books specializes in creating short-run digitally printed books for art and design professionals. They offer an exceptional selection of cover materials and special options such as foil stamping to make your book stand out.

Printorium Bookworks/Island Blue prints quality books in small or large quantities. They also offer color printing and some special treatments such as printing on the inside cover and flaps for softcover books.