Find freelance editors, images, and book printersOne of the most difficult tasks in publishing your book is finding the right team to help you. You’ll probably require the expertise of an editor, proofreader, possibly an indexer and/or illustrator, a book designer, and a book printer.

To help you put together your team, we’ve compiled this section listing people and companies with lots of experience and expertise working on books, as well as a special interest in working with authors. We’ve worked with everyone listed in this section, and recommend them all.

Please feel free to contact anyone listed in our Resources section directly. They’re listed here for your convenience, and no referral fees or commissions are charged or collected. They are all accustomed to working with authors from a distance, and therefore they’re in a variety of locations.

We recommend getting two or three quotes before committing to working with someone on your book. That way, you can find out what each person’s strengths are, and choose someone you feel comfortable working with. After all, you want this time to be creative and rewarding, rather than frustrating or disappointing. So shop around, and then assemble your team.