Through the Golden Age

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Through the Golden Age: Charles Gretton · Clock & Watchmaking, by Dennis Radage, Warner Meinen, and Laila Radage
This book is the most comprehensive study of the life and work of Charles Gretton, a 17th century clock and watchmaker, and citizen of London, England. It includes 660 pages of never-before-published material, including photographs and history of the renowned clockmaker. This is the first in-depth study of this eminent clockmaker, tracing the development of clocks and watches from the early 1670s to the mid-1720s. Not only will this book interest knowledgeable horologists, but it will also appeal to the layperson.

Through the Golden Age will also capture the attention of those who enjoy visual beauty, with chapters on longcase, spring and lantern clocks as well as watches. Many of the clocks and watches have detailed reviews with photographs. An appendix includes a summary of every known Gretton piece with a description and  image. The book is lavishly illustrated with 1,000 images, charts, graphs, and tables, most in full colour. It is a prestigious complement to any horological library.

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About the authors
Dennis Radage is a Liveryman of the UK-based Worshipful Company of Clockmakers. He is a Star Fellow of the NAWCC and the current President of the British Columbia Chapter, and within this chapter has also held the positions of Vice President, Treasurer, Program Chairman, and Chair of the Ethics Committee. Dennis is a member and past Chairman of the NAWCC National Program Committee. He is also Vice President of the NAWCC British Horology Chapter and Chair of the Antiquarian Horological Society, Western Canada Section. Dennis has published articles in a number of North American and British horological journals.

Warner Meinen is a clock enthusiast who lives in the eastern part of the Netherlands. His mechanical background was the basis for his interest in antique clocks, which has now spanned more than fifteen years. Warner’s main areas of focus are English clockmaking and Dutch provincial clocks, and he has published articles on local clock issues in the Dutch clock magazine Tijdschrift.

Laila Radage’s keen interest in people naturally turned her attention to the clockmaker and his life. She took on the role of Gretton’s biographer, which was challenging but also an exciting and rewarding experience. Laila is a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers, UK, and a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.

Our experience working with Fiona
Our project was particularly challenging one. Our readers are largely in the UK, the subject very specialized, the audience traditional, and the book a substantial size with almost 1,000 colour photographs. We wanted to present Charles Gretton (1647–1731)—the clockmaker and his work—with a backdrop of modern style, pushing the envelope for our readers.

Our first meeting started our design relationship with Fiona, and her ideas for the dust jacket sealed it. Through the Golden Age: Charles Gretton · Clock & Watchmaking took eight years to research and write and close to two years to produce. Now newly published, our initial comments constantly include praise for the design and structure of the book, the choice of fonts, and colour combinations. It was inspiring to work with Fiona and we are so happy with the end result—a truly beautiful book.

Hardcover / 9.5″ x 11.5″ / 660 pages
ISBN 978-0-9940460-0-0 (bound)
ISBN 978-0-9940460-1-7 (leather bound)
Full color / 1,000 images / index
Published by Three O’clock Publishing