My Grandma’s Songs

Softcover children’s picture book

My Grandma's Songs

My Grandma’s Songs, lyrics and music by Gwendolyn Countryman, illustrations by Nancy Purington
What magic grows in the heart of a child and takes wings in the seasons of life?

As an 8-year-old learns to sing at the side of her grandma while in the kitchen, farmyard and cornfields, the images and rhythms are bathed in the richness of a lush Iowa summer. Gospel melodies float through the cornfields, hollyhocks and roses while granddaughter and grandmother share the simply daily rituals of preparing food, tending garden and nurturing animals.

When the young girl grows up, words and images from those old songs bring comfort, joy and something new. Children feel the magic in this song, sewn like a quilt from her grandma’s songs, and relish the vibrant patterns and colors in the mixed media illustrations. By the third chorus, they’ll be singing along, and at the end of the book, begging to read it again.

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Illustrations by Nancy Purington

About the author
Gwendolyn Countryman grew up on a farm in rural Iowa only a few miles from her maternal grandparents. Old-time country music, simple natural beauty, and the engaging experiences of growing up in rural Iowa are the inspiration for many of her songs and much of her creative life. My Grandma’s Songs was written as both the story of how she learned to sing, and a tribute to her grandmother Minnie Pearl Burdock. When Gwendolyn performed “My Grandma’s Songs” for a class of 2nd graders at Hiawatha Elementary School in 2011, three of them asked, “Where’s the book that goes with the song?” And so the book was born. Countryman is a singer, songwriter, musician, writer and elementary school reading teacher. She lives in Iowa City, Iowa with her two West Highland Terriers; close to her own three grandchildren.

My experience working with Fiona
I am so grateful to have had Fiona design my first children’s picture book. She was thorough, knowledgeable, forward thinking, and encouraging in every step of the process.
—Gwendolyn Countryman, author

Trade Paperback / 8.5″ x 8.5″ / 32 pages
ISBN 978-0-9886115-0-4
Published by Prairie Moon Press