The Antique Wireless Association Review

Softcover book with 2 color signatures

The AWA Review, Volume 28

The Antique Wireless Association Review, Volume 28
The AWA Review is published once a year and usually debuts at the Annual Conference. It’s a volume of a few hundred pages containing several scholarly articles. A copy is given to each member every year as part of his or her membership package.

The Antique Wireless Association members are linked by a common interest in the history of electrical and electronic communications. AWA members come from all walks of life and its ranks include teenagers, octogenarians, and beyond in both directions. At one of their meets, you might find yourself shaking hands with a retired broadcast executive or military electronics specialist, an engineer in a high-tech electronics firm, or an eager young man looking for advice on restoring his first radio.

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My experience working with Fiona
For eight years I published a peer-reviewed journal on behalf of The Antique Wireless Association with a layout of my own devising. We obviously needed a more professional layout. Working with Fiona has been a distinct pleasure. She brings her own creative ideas to the design, is knowledgeable, flexible, and understands the operation of InDesign. In choosing to work with Fiona, we happened on the services of an excellent designer.
—Robert Murray, Vancouver, BC

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