7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You

Softcover edition

7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You

7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You, written by Kim Tebbutt and illustrated by Sarah Penhale
7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You is an invitation to play with the Angels. This is a multifaceted book for children of all ages. The positive I Am, We Are affirmation statements empower our children forever.

The moment we are born we have our very own special best friend, our Guardian Angel. Every single moment of our lives they inspire, guide, guard, support, heal, nurture, love and bless us. All we have to do is say ‘Hi,’ and invite them to play with us. Our Guardian Angels and the Angelic Realm love and adore us. Angelic whisperings of love always make us feel good deep within our hearts.

7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You is available through Divine Love Publishing.

About the author
Kim Tebbutt became consciously aware of the Angelic Realm’s exquisite, infinite beauty 28 years ago when the unseen became visible. As the divine spark of love within all life revealed itself, her heart soared in child-like wonder and delight, and still does!

She lives on the mystical, magical isle of Salt Spring, where the lush forest, land, and water embrace all. The sea and its gentle, wild beauty surrounds all with its gifts of grace. Sweet song birds greet the dawn, a chorus of tree frogs sing in the rain, a symphony of owls calm the night, and deer run free. Eagles spiral ever higher as hummingbirds invite us to dance to the Angelic notes of harmony and joy. Kim is living her purpose passionately, knowing the island community and world are rising in love, co-creating infinite possibilities, in Heaven on Earth. Her wish is for every child to hold this book within their arms and for each of us to dream bigger than we ever imagined, for ourselves, each other, and our precious world.

About the illustrator
Sarah Penhale has been creating colourful images since she was no taller than a sprout. Growing up on Salt Spring Island, she gained a deep love for the natural world and developed a huge passion for art.

Ever since she was a little girl, Sarah’s rock star dream has been to become a children’s book illustrator, and due to the lack of spelling bee ribbons, she thought it best to stick to her forte in the visuals. She has studied different forms of art in three different colleges and universities with the goal of going into children’s picture books. She loves all animals and adores her huge, loving family and delightful fiancé Jason. Find out more at www.sarahpenhaleart.com.

Softcover / 11″ x 8.5″ / 24 pages
ISBN 978-0-9877711-0-0
Published by Divine Love Publishing