About our designs

book design portfolioThanks for visiting our book design portfolio. Here you’ll find a wide variety of book covers and pages to look at. Hopefully you’ll find ideas and inspiration for your own book!

As you click through these pages, you’ll also read testimonials from the authors we’ve worked with. They’ve each written a few sentences on their experience working together with us.

Recent book designs
View our latest book Designs. Here you’ll see a variety of books we’ve had the privilege of working on recently, such as hardcover books, softcover books, fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books. We’ve also helped authors to have their print books converted into digital editions (eBooks for Kindle and other eReaders), using a professional conversion service.

Book cover designs
Browse through a wide range of Book Cover Designs by clicking this link. Where will your book be shelved in the bookstore? Included in our book cover design samples are both hardcover and softcover books, including some with dust jackets. You’ll also see some cover designs with special treatments such as embossing, spot varnishing, foil stamping, and die cuts.

Page designs and typesetting
Our Page Design Samples include several examples of page designs in five different categories: Simple, Complex Text, Complex Images, Full Layout and Children’s Pages.  What kind of page design will your book require? The main page for Page Design Samples describes each category of page design, explaining what type of books the category includes and linking to samples. Or, you can simply click on the category at the top of the page to view those page samples.