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Getting your own ISBNs

ISBNs for print books and eBooksOne of the things you’ll need to do as a publisher is obtain a block of International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) for your books. Some printers, print-on-demand publishers, and eBook vendors will offer to provide you with an ISBN for your book, but it’s better to get your own. Part of the ISBN includes a “publisher number” which is assigned to a specific publisher. Therefore, if you allow another company to provide the ISBN, then that company will be listed as the publisher of your book. ISBNs are easy to obtain online, and using your own numbers means that you’ll retain control over your books. Continue reading

Estimate your page count

Estimate your book's page countYou’ve finished your manuscript (or nearly finished it!) and you’re ready to get some quotes for book design and printing. But first you’ll want to know approximately how many pages your finished book will have. Here’s a simple way to calculate your book’s approximate page count using the word count of your manuscript. Continue reading

Typesetting 101

Typesetting 101You and your book designer have created an outstanding design for your book pages, and now your book is ready for typesetting. The irony of excellent typesetting is that no one will notice it! Your reader will find it smooth traveling from cover to cover. Continue reading

Setting your book’s retail price

Setting your book's retail priceWritten with help from Renee and Jack Brodie, publishers.

Determining your book’s retail price can be nerve-wracking. If it’s too expensive, your book may be priced out of the market. If it’s not expensive enough, you won’t even recover your costs. How do other publishers decide? Consider three things: cost per book to print, pre- and post-printing expenses, and the price of similar books in the marketplace. Continue reading

Your publishing name and logo

Many authors choose a publishing name for publishing their book. A publishing name separates you-the-author from you-the-publisher. Your publishing name can be your own name, a business name, or a corporation. For example, if I publish a book, I might choose “Raven Books” or “Raven Press Ltd.” as my publishing name. Of course, I would first need to make sure the name was not already in use, and then register it through the appropriate government authority. Continue reading

Why hire a freelance editor?

(Reprinted with permission from Ann Harmer, freelance editor.)

You’ve spent months, perhaps years, writing your masterpiece, polishing and perfecting it, and now you’re ready to release it to the world. You even ran it through your spell-checker and double-checked your commas, the same as editors do, right? Well, not exactly. Continue reading