Testimonials from authors and publishers about our book design services.

Most of the testimonials we’ve received from authors and publishers are posted in our Designs section together with the book design they pertain to. Below is a sampling of the many we’ve received over the years.

Mastering Massive ComplexityIncredible insight, patience and depth of knowledge
For anyone facing the complexity of publishing a book and who is unwilling to compromise with quality or risk squandering precious time and resources going through endless “learning curves,” do yourself a favor and contact Raven Book Design!  The elegant options they presented for both the cover and inside page designs along with their natural collaborative style made life as a first-time author incredibly simple and straightforward.
—DON JOHNSON, author of Mastering Massive Complexity, Knoxville, TN, USA

The Captain's Wife by Mary Ellen WrightNational award winner
The Captain’s Wife took first place in the Fiction category in the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards! It is a national award and we are all very excited! The book received a PERFECT SCORE—and one of the components was interior design (font, readability, etc.). Congratulations to YOU!!!
—SUSAN PITTELMAN, Peanut Butter Publishing, Milwaukee, WI, USA

How Music REALLY Works! by Wayne ChaseRemoves the anxiety from book design
Raven Book Design is a find. Their work and professionalism are first-rate, their rates are fair, and they’re a pleasure to work with. Best of all, they know how to handle design and technical details that, in my experience, other book designers have problems dealing with. In short, they remove the anxiety from a book design project.
—WAYNE CHASE of Roedy Black Publishing, Inc., publisher of How Music REALLY Works! Vancouver, BC, Canada

Warpaint of the Gods by Nila SagadevanWorld-class book design
My search for a book designer ended at Raven Book Design’s door. I researched the field meticulously. My requirements were simple: a talented, creative designer who would be as fastidious about details (if not more so) as I am. They exceeded my expectations on all counts.
—NILA SAGADEVAN, author of Warpaint of the Gods, Laguna Hills, CA, USA

Avoiding the Cosmic 2 x 4 by Rita Louise, PhDIndepth knowledge saved time and energy
If you are new to the world of book publishing and looking to work with a book designer, then talk to Raven Book Design! They have artistic eyes, and are sticklers for details. Their indepth knowledge of the book industry saved me time and energy, and kept me from experiencing the pitfalls that many first-time authors face. Bottom line … their services were worth every penny I paid!
—RITA LOUISE, Ph.D., author of Avoiding the Cosmic 2×4, Dallas, TX, USA

Getting to Purple by Stephen MeyerGracefully accommodated my rewrite
It was great working with Raven Book Design on the design of my book and its cover. I did a substantial rewrite in the middle of my project which they gracefully accommodated. I would readily use them on any future projects.
—STEPHEN R. MEYER, author of Getting to Purple, Colorado, USA

Disobedience Means Death by Sarah EttritchPatiently answered all my questions
Working with Raven Book Design was a breeze. They patiently answered all my questions, listened carefully to my feedback about their proposed designs, and clearly knew their stuff. I’d work with them again without hesitation. They made sure my first book design experience was a pleasant one, and with great results!
—SARAH ETTRITCH, author of Disobedience Means Death, Toronto, ON, Canada

The Right Stuff Diet by Lucy WedgeCaptured the book’s message
Working with Raven Book Design on the design of my book was a pleasure from start to finish. They listened patiently to my ideas in terms of where I wanted to go with the design concept. When we ran into obstacles, they found solutions that worked. Their cover design was a stroke of sheer brilliance – it perfectly captured the book’s message.
—LUCY WEDGE, B.A., B.Ed., author of The Right Stuff Diet, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Half-Doll, Volume 7, by Marc and Shona LorrinProfessionalism from start to finish
Fiona and Linda are not the first book designers we have worked with, but we sincerely hope they are the last. Their perfect attendance to our wishes and professionalism from start to finish was very refreshing.
—SHONA & MARC LORRIN, authors of The Half-Doll, Tulsa, OK, USA

Why is the Teacher's Butt So Big? by Debra CraigSticks to production schedules
Fiona and Linda have a natural talent and eye for design and are the consummate professionals. When they give you a price quote or a production schedule, you know it’s for real.
—DEBRA CRAIG, author of Why Is The Teacher’s Butt So Big?, Moreno Valley, CA, USA

Always Becoming - Forever! by Diana Clare Douglas, PhDGetting the spirit of a book
I love working with Raven Book Design! They tune into the spirit of books, create beautiful designs and are caring participants in the book-production process.
—DIANA CLAIRE DOUGLAS, Ph.D., author of Always Becoming—Forever! and Angel Playtime / How to Bring Angels to Earth, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Embracing Ultimate Reality by Brandon CampbellAn outstanding experience
Working with Fiona was an outstanding experience. The cover and pages she designed are beautiful. As a newcomer to book publishing, Fiona helped me tremendously. She set me up with great editing and proofreading and printing. Fiona’s work was timely and very professional. And above all, Fiona is a pleasure to work with.
—BRANDON CAMPBELL, author of Embracing Ultimate Reality, Centennial, CO, USA

The Meaning of Health by Gary Allen Ratson, MDDelivered on target, on budget, on time
In a world where it is difficult to find good help, Raven Book Design was a godsend. For anyone who values prompt personal attention for professional design services, Fiona and Linda deliver on target, on budget, and on time.
—GARY ALLEN RATSON, M.D., author of The Meaning of Health, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Adventures of Fieora RadcliffeI plan to use Raven Book Design for my other works
My journey in the publication of my first book was like entering a maze. There were so many choices to make and so many false starts that I wasted not only time but also revenue. However, with guidance from Fiona and Linda, I was able to plot my course and find my way through. I plan to use their help for my other works, and trust that we will have a long and mutually prosperous relationship.
—Irene Linton, author of The Adventures of Fieora Radcliffe, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Layth MatthewsDepth of experience put my mind at ease
The number of decisions involved in self-publishing a book is daunting. Choosing your book designer is one of the most important ones. Having considered other designers, I knew I wanted to work with Raven Book Design after the first phone call because their depth of experience put my mind at ease right away. They helped me keep my book progressing forward through the ups and downs of my own process, plus everyone is delighted with the look and feel of my book.
—Layth Matthews, author of The Four Noble Truths of Wealth, Victoria, BC