How long will it take to design and typeset my book from start to finish?

Usually about six to eight weeks. We’ll start on your cover or pages first, whichever you prefer. For longer books, we suggest starting with the pages so there is plenty of time for proofreading and indexing, then beginning the cover while those tasks are being done. Or, you may prefer to start with your front cover so you can begin your marketing sooner, and in that case your back cover and spine can be completed during the proofreading stage.

I worked with a graphic designer on my brochures and logo. Could s/he design and typeset my book?

You could certainly ask if s/he has the expertise and is familiar with InDesign software. Graphic design projects such as posters, brochures, and logos rely on lots of graphics and small amounts of text, whereas books require typesetting many pages of text as well as a working knowledge of book production for both the cover and pages. A graphic designer who specializes in book design can add value to your book in marketability and readability, and help you avoid costly pitfalls in book production.